Jezus Chrystus mówi:
"Niechaj się nie trwoży serce wasze; wierzcie w Boga i we mnie wierzcie!" Ew. Jana 14,1
If you want to help finishing the renovation ...  

Dear Friends!

   After a year of exertions we have finally finished the renovation of Radoms church and loft in parish house. Thanks to support of European Funds and previous gifts our church looks wonderful, testifying the presence of members of evangelical church in our town. 

   One hundred and fifty years ago, when our coreligionist began renovation of the church, they havent got enough money to complete the whole project. However, trusting in Gods mercy and helpfulness, they have initiated this great case. Now, when we are finishing calculation of present repairs we find ourselves in similar situation.

   The church is fully renovated, although we have done more than we planned. The enlargement range of work has caused significant diminution of parishs funds. Unfortunately we are now in very difficult situation. That is why we dare to ask you one more time for financial support as well as for prayers, so as God still would give us His blessing.
 We would like to thank for your understanding from the bottom of our hearts.

If you want to help finishing the renovation, please make a donation:

51 9132 0001 0001 7615 2000 0010
SWIFT code for outside Poland transfers:

Title of transfer: Charity for renewing the church in Radom.
For all prays and transfers: Thank you!

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